Aquaworld Lipno

The water paradise Aquaworld is a fantastic place to relax whatever the weather. Relaxation in a whirlpool with a beautiful view of Lake Lipno A swimming pool and water slide is available for children or a pool with a counter-current Delfín pool lift for disabled people


Bobová dráha LipnoBobovka Lipno nad Vltavou

Do you wish to go on a bobsleigh ride whatever the weather all-year round? Then why not? On the brand new mountain bobsleigh track, you can enjoy the ride from a bird’s eye view, the highlight is 2 turns with almost 360 degrees. The new track is more suitable for families with children thanks to seat belts and automatic brakes. More sporty riders will appreciate the original kilometer-long bobsleigh track. In both cases, you control the speed yourself using the brake. You can easily get to the start of the slopes using the lifts. A unique project, the only place in the Czech Republic where you can find both tracks together!


Hopsarium Lipno

Hopsarium Lipno is located in the Aquaworld building in Lipno nad Vltavou. It is open all year round, the opening hours are from 10 am to 7 pm. Hopsarium is designed for children to play with their parents. The main part of the equipment consists of a climbing tower over two floors with obstacles, shooting cannons and a fountain for foam balls, a double slide, a ball pool. A part of the climbing tower is also a trampoline. You can slide directly from the tower onto the inflatable – Sarah’s kangaroo. It has a closing pocket where a lot of children can hide. There is a separate toddler’s corner with a ball pool, swing, a block of cubes.


Papilonia Lipno

Imagine the most beautiful butterflies of the world flying around you! Hundreds of exotic butterflies, Rainforest climate, Direct contact with live butterflies, Flight zone in the style of a fantasy fairy tale




Czech RepuBRICK

The Czech Repubrick exhibition is the largest Czech Lego World. In one place you will visit the National Museum, Karlštejn Castle or St. Vitus Cathedral. You will take a peek into the space station, spin the Ferris wheel, become a train conductor or a lighting engineer for a rock concert. On an area of 2,000 m2 you will find more than 40 giant buildings elaborated to the smallest detail. Famous Czech monuments, life-size movie heroes, technical models for control and a flood of cubes for playing await you.


Vítkův HrádekVítka’s stone

is the ruins of a Gothic castle on top of the mountain of the same name on the right bank of the Lipno dam. The ruin stands above the settlement of Svatý Tomáš, about five kilometers from Přední Výton. It is the highest castle in the Czech Republic. It has been protected as a cultural monument since 1963. It is also accessible in winter. When you almost find yourself in the Middle Ages. A snowy landscape, a stone castle, a large cross embedded in the rock in front of the castle. There is a fire burning in the courtyard and you can also have mulled wine to warm you up.

Address: Svatý Tomáš, 382 73 Přední Výtoň



for children and adults, which part is also the swimming pool of the 468 m2 size and three outside heated year-round swimming pools. You can also enjoy relaxing swimming pools both with sweet and salt water, swimming pool and other attractions which all provide you with a fun and relaxation for the people of every age. The whole water area is 850 m2. Sauna or relaxing bath from 70 to 100 °C and relative humidity from 3 to 20 % has been used for a long time for body detoxication, improving mental health and decreasing pains. Sauna brings both psychical and physical body relaxation, improve blood circulation and body endurance. It is a unique exposition of aqauriums and artefacts showing the world underwater not only in the Czech Republic but also in tropical waters and seas. You can watch more than 30 aquariums on the area of 500 m2 in a beautiful location in South Bohemia.


Ski park Frymburk
Ski slopes with clear visibility Park Frymburk offers fans of winter pleasures two easy blue ski slopes with breathtaking views of Lipno Lake and the surrounding countryside. You can get near the lower station of the ski lift with 100 m long magic carpet in the Children’s Park of Kubík the Bear, which is located next to the car park. Both children and beginners can handle the ride on the ski lift without worry. Both ski slopes are diligently covered with artificial snow in cold weather. The “Children’s” grounds of Kubík the Bear offer perfect conditions for even the smallest fans of skiing or snowboarding. Wide and gentle training ski slope with two comfortable magic carpets and modern teaching elements is ideal for an effective and playful form of ski/snowboard lessons. In addition, the park is livened with a tubing track and a carousel.